Mudakathan Keerai Idli Podi


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Mudakathan Keerai Idli Dosa Podi (Balloon Vine) – Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis
முடக்கத்தான் கீரை இட்லி பொடி


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Mudakathan Keerai commonly called as Balloon Vine in English. This is one of the best greens for joint pain, swellling in the joints
and is effective for rheumatoid arthirtis

Mudakathan Keerai is widely used in traditional medicine for treatment of rheumatism , stiffness in the limbs and nervous breakdown.

The best thing about mudakathan keerai is it can be used both internally and externally for treating joint pain and regular use gives good relief. Mudakathan keerai also treats all cold and cough related problems

It can also be used to treat ear pain, menstrual cramps, general tiredness and sluggishness


Mudakathan Keerai Idli Podi

250g, 500g


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