Black Rice – Karuppu Kavuni Arisi


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Black Rice – Karuppu Kavuni Arisi – Rich in Antioxidants, Iron

கருப்பு கவுனி அரிசி

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Black rice or the forbidden rice or Karuppu Kavuni is a pesticide free traditional rice variety that has been growing in India for centuries. It has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine for treatment of various diseases

Karuppu Kavuni tops other kinds of rice with its whole grain nutrition. The raw, uncooked grains look black, while cooked or soaked grains look purple
It is loaded with anti-oxidants especially anthocyanin which is great for diabetics, heart patients and promotes Healthy Brain Function.

Its great for skin and hair due to its Vitamin E content. It is also loaded with fibre so it does not spike blood sugar levels.

Regular consumption of black rice eliminates future health problems

Black Rice - Karuppu Kavuni Arisi

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