Maapillai Samba Puttu Podi


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Maapillai Samba Rice Roasted Puttu Podi – Bridegroom Rice (Super Food for Men) – Rich in Calcium

மாப்பிள்ளை சம்பா அரிசி வறுத்த புட்டு மாவு

Mapillai Samba or “Bride Groom Rice” is red in colour and demands little or no fertilizers or pesticides. It is a 160 days crop.

In olden days, it is essential for a man to show his bravery through many traditional sports. The rice was given to the bridegroom (Mappillai) to increase his strength and power which will help him to lift a heavy rock (Ilavattakal) .

Only if the bridegroom lifts this stone can he win the bride.

This rice gives loads off stamina. Although the name of the rice is “Bride Groom’s Rice”, it is suitable for all who wants to get good strength

Maapillai Samba Rice Roasted

250g, 500g


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