Thooyamalli Rice


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Thooyamalli Rice (Diabetic Friendly) (Raw Rice), (Kaikuthal/Hand Pounded Rice) Jasmine Rice (Unpolished)

தூயமல்லி அரிசி

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Thooyamalli is one of the traditional rice varieties from Tamil Nadu. Thooyamalli means Pure (Thooya) and Malli (Jasmine). This Rice looks like a Jasmine bud and is the reason for its name. Traditional Thooyamalli – Slim / mini grain variety, grown in India, Healthy, tasty rice, increases nerves strength and the cooked rice is white. Thooyamalli is pest resistant to pest and doesn’t need fertilizer It is a type of paddy that grows against the attack of insects

Thooyamalli Rice

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