Sukku Malli Thippili Tea&Coffee Powder


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Sukku Malli Thippili Tea&Coffee Powder 200g

சுக்கு மல்லி திப்பிலி காபி பொடி


Sukku Malli Coffee is a traditional south indian home remedies for cold, body ache, Headache & sore throat. Some people use it only when they are down with the illness, while there are others who take it reguarly to boost immunity.

It helps to remove toxins from the body , eases digestion, prevent nausea & giddiness. It gives good sleep and relaxes the mind. This coffee is purely natural and does not contain caffeine. It boosts immunity and gives relief to sore throat, running nose, congestion and breathing issues related to congestion

BeetRoot Malt

250g, 500g


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