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Herbal Rasam Mix Powder – Mooligai Rasam powder – 11 Herbal Ingredients – Fights Cold, Fever, Throat , Lung infection – (200g)

மூலிகை ரசம் பொடி


Herbal rasam powder is soothing and healthy rasam powder with the goodness of different herbs like ajwain, Dill, Long Pepper root, Galangal, Cumin Seeds, black cumin seeds, hing, dry ginger and coriander seeds.

Herbal Rasam is integral part of South Indian cooking and is a good remedy and precautionary measure for cough and cold. Herbal Rasam is a heart-warming soup that has medical value and it is a good medicine for preventing cold and sinus in winter and rainy seasons. Herbal Rasam is also said to be an excellent recovery food.

Patients who have been ill or down with flu, can have this herbal Rasam for easy inflow on vitamins and nutrients. It is also a good food to introduce to babies when they are making their transition to solids. It makes an ideal choice for New Mothers After Delivery too.

Herbal rasam powder is loaded with thiamin, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C and niacin and is an excellent source of minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, copper and magnesium.

A bowlful of Rasam also helps to shed some extra kilos by boosting body’s metabolism to a great extent. A faster metabolism ensures that the person don’t put on extra weight. Age recommendation: Suitable for all ages above 12 months

Herbal Rasam



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