ABC Malt – ABC (Apple Beetroot Carrot)


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HayyFoods ABC Malt – ABC (Apple Beetroot Carrot) – 100% Natural Health Drink

ஏபிசி மால்ட்

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Don’t you love to have a clear flawless skin, lose that extra flab from your tummy and thighs, delay your aging process and protect yourself from various ailments? Well! We all do.

With so much of hustle and bustle in our life, everybody craves to have a good health but in a more natural and quicker way. So, we have launched a Miraculous Health drink ABC Malt

This drink is definitely going to improve your overall health and well being.

The three musketeers of the power-packed ABC detox drink are: Apple, Beetroot and Carrot Aside from being delicious, is known for being nutrient-dense and supporting liver detox.

ABC Malt

250g, 500g


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