Nuts & Seeds Ladoo 250g


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Low in Fat & Cholesterol


Why should You have Nuts & Seeds in your Diet

Nuts are flavorful little packages containing healthy unsaturated fats including plant omega-3 fatty acids
Seeds have mostly healthy fats, some fiber.
They are also a good source of energy, so they keep you full and active.

You don’t have to go to all that trouble to increase your intake of nuts and seeds. Just bone up on some of the most nutritious choices of ladoos, and start crunching your way to better health.

Ingredients: Flax seeds, Pumkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Cucumber seeds, Cashew, Badam
Walnuts, Ground nut, Sesame seeds, Dates, Jaggery powder

Try this awesome Ladoo today and you will definitely love it !


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