Herbal Bath Powder 250g


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Herbal Bath Powder – Kuliyal Podi – Nalangu Maavu – Skin Care – Deep Skin Cleansing – 14 Natural Ingredients

நலங்கு மாவு

Herbal Bath Powder are made with 14 natural ingredients that have anti bacterial and nourishing properties with amazing skin benefits.. These powders have medicinal and healing qualities making it an excellent alternative to bath soap. It is beneficial for skin irritations, sweating and other skin problems. It enables the skin to absorb the medicinal and healing properties of all the herbal ingredients used, thereby nourishing every skin cell and beautifying the overall appearance


They remove dead skin and give a nice glow to our skin. It is a wonderful natural scrub to exfoliate the skin gently

Ingredients: Tanner’s cassia(Aavaram Poo), Root(Vettiver), Lemon peel, Multani metti, Orange peel, Vasambu , Spanish Cherry, Karpogarisi, Green gram, Curcuma Turemeric , White turmeric, Nut grass, Marikolunthu

ஆவாரம் பூ, வெட்டிவேர் , முல்தானி மெட்டி, பச்சைபயிறு, கஸ்தூரி மஞ்சள், ரோஜா பூ, கார்போகரிசி, மகிழம் பூ, வசம்பு, ஆரஞ்சு, மரிக்கொழுந்து, கோரை கிழங்கு, பூலாங்கிழங்கு, எலுமிச்சை

Suitable for Men and Women, Kids, Babies

Suitable for all types of skin

Chemical-free, harmless alternative to soap


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